Time to Take Back Time

By Vishal Hiremath

COVID-19 brought a forced and (mostly) unwanted slowdown of pace. For many, this has promoted a period of reflection about how we choose to spend our time.

Achieving a successful work-life-balance is not a new concept, however, in recent years more weight has been added to the “work” side of the equation. If, in recent years life has felt like a manic race with a heavy emphasis on doing more, achieving more, working harder, being “better”, you’re not alone. Pre-COVID, the narrative became so extreme that it teetered on the edge of unhealthy. Work, fitness, achieving goals, building empires, are all important. But so is family, rest, and downtime.

Many successful executives have this figured out. They recognise that time is their most precious resource, and they understand that what you do with the 24-hours you are given can determine your successes, failures, and well-being. The quality of how we rest will determine how effective we are at work. The time with family will inform our values and motivate us to achieve our goals.

“The narrative is finally shifting towards the value of time; not just how hard everyone should be working.”

Vishal Hiremath, Founder, JetClub Group.

Time is everyone’s most valuable resource; we can find ways to become more successful, but it is impossible to add hours to the day or reclaim them once they are gone. CEOs and senior executives tend to have extensive demands on their time, so how they use it is one of the most important decisions they can make. Where they put their attention is often the difference between growth and loss, making or cutting jobs, good times or bad for those they employ.

There is, on occasion, a perception that those that fly in private jets are frivolously wasting resources; but this is an outdated misconception. Increasingly, leaders see the decision to save time and achieve more as a result, a good investment with a solid ROI. Whilst on the surface it may seem counter-intuitive to fly private as a cost-saving initiative; if it enables you to do double the business in half the time, protecting jobs, and achieving growth, the argument is clear.

Now, a wider client base is looking to maximise their most precious commodity: time, as well as their privacy, security, and work-life balance, as well as personal safety.

A recently published study stated that, when flying on a commercial airline, passengers are exposed to up to 700 contact-points. On a business aviation flight, this reduces to less than 20 contact-points presenting a huge safety difference.

An increasing number of executives in Europe and around the world have very intricate itineraries that include visiting multiple locations in short time frames. Commercial airlines and traditional airports can be restrictive in this respect, as well as frustrating when time is of the essence. Even with first and business class check-in, delays, cancellations, busy flights, remote airports, and limited flight schedules all eat up precious time.

“We created a model based upon the way we know users want to fly. Busy people want to achieve more while not compromising on personal and family time. JetClub utilizes an innovative model where the co-owners use the airplane under a day-based, not an hourly, model. With JetClub, you have all the benefits of flying on a business jet, with none of the traditional drawbacks.”

Vishal Hiremath, Founder, JetClub Group.

Private air travel options can help businesses and the business traveller in many ways by providing faster access to clients and new markets, the flexibility to control their itinerary, and less stress. These are significant factors that can benefit any company that has the foresight to be proactive in their attitudes to travel.

Flying is stressful so having the ability to relax without having to worry about the health of your fellow passengers or crew removes the stress from your trip and allow you to focus on the business at hand. It is a win-win situation.

“Those who make poor use of their time are the first to complain of its shortness”
Jean De La Bruyere

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