Coronavirus Update by JetClub

Nov 13, 2020

JetClub was founded by aviators with a deep understanding and respect for passenger and community safety. We have taken every possible measure to ensure the safety of those that fly with, and work with JetClub.

Safety Team

JetClub has a dedicated COVID safety committee, comprising of the Director of flight operations, director of client experience and director of administration. We have put together a COVID protocol, serving all the major destinations in which we operate. We understand that travel during COVID-19 can be stressful and plans can change very quickly. Our dedicated flight coordination and concierge team is on hand 24/7 to support booking and change requests, answer and manage safety concerns, and support our passengers.

Safer with JetClub

When you fly on the JetClub HondaJet, your contact points are dramatically reduced. We operate some of the world’s lightest and most efficient aircraft; with no cabin crew, just your pilots and your group, you can be assured that your contact with risk points is significantly minimised.

All JetClub pilots undergo regular full-health screenings and all passengers, pilots, and ground staff must pass temperature checks in order to fly.

What to expect on board

Every aircraft is deep cleaned before and after every flight. We retain a stock of disinfectant products, and protective wear onboard. All our pilots wear masks and gloves during the pre and post flight stages.

To prioritise hygiene and reduce exposure risks, blankets and cushions have been removed. materials will be provided if requested in advance. To further ensure comfort, food service has been moderated. We can cater your flight according to your needs and our safety policy. Please get in touch to enquire about catering options.

Staying Informed

JetClub and our sister company in the US, Jet It, have extensively monitored safety regulations relating to COVID-19 since its outbreak in early 2020. We will continue to update our passengers and the media as new information becomes available. Should you have questions please get in touch with our concierge team.

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