JetClub All Stars – Mira Smagulova

What is your name and title?

Mira Smagulova, Regional Vice President Eastern Europe

What do you love about aviation?

Like so many in our industry, I have been passionate about aviation since childhood. For me, it represents freedom and opportunity. As an adult, I discovered business aviation and learned of its benefits as a tool for economic growth and that really excites me. I have observed emerging industries spring up, thrive, and grow as they utilise business aviation as a time saving tool. The one thing we all want more of is time and being time poor is the major issue of our time. I have observed business aviation operate as a “time machine” to businesses and individuals – which to me is extremely exciting. Business and general aviation, and aviation in general is proof to me that humanity is capable of the impossible. We will continue to evolve and innovate, and I love being a part of that story.


Why did you choose to work for JetClub?

I joined JetClub in the early stages of the company being set up.

JetClub will launch first in Europe and will later expand to India and Asia. When you think about aviation, what comes to mind? Romantic and exciting images no doubt. In reality, aviation is one of the most highly regulated industries that exists, and it requires meticulous attention to detail, organisation, local knowledge, and the ability think and adjust very quickly.

My role extends across multiple disciplines including customer service, security, technical oversight, business development. It is a job that requires razor sharp focus, discipline, and attention to detail. There is enormous opportunity at JetClub, both for the business and for its employees. We are a tight, professional, energetic team that works together for our group’s success.

Describe the company in 3 words

Of course, that’s easy – Private, Fast, Intelligent.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Meticulous, Dedicated, Ambitious.


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