JetClub All Stars – Marta Guerrero

Mar 15, 2021

What is your name and title?

Marta Guerrero. Director, Legal and Contracts.


What do you love about aviation?

As a child, I would travel around the world with my family, once having the opportunity of flying in the cockpit. Ever since that moment I knew I wanted to become a pilot.

As an adult, I combined commercial pilot training with a bachelor’s degree in law and master’s degree in aviation management. This enabled me to combine my skills and interest in both aviation and law into a niche career as an aviation legal consultant.

From a legal perspective, aviation is an industry that faces significant challenges. I am deeply motivated by the evolving nature of this landscape which keeps me engaged and interested. Professional satisfaction aside, I love flying and I find the business aviation industry alluring and exciting.

Marta Guerrero

Why did you choose to work for JetClub?

When Vishal Hiremath, JetClub`s Founder and CEO, reached out to me and shared his vision, I shared his confidence. JetClub is a challenger brand with a business model that has not yet been seen in the private jet space. There is a clear business opportunity in our value proposition, which is to make business aviation more accessible and affordable. I joined the company because I want to be part of this movement towards greater simplicity and transparency in business aviation.

Having studied JetClub’s vision, mission, operational practices, commitment to service and safety, I have every confidence that this is the right solution for businesses in Europe. There is demand for lighter, faster, more responsible, safer, more sustainable travel and JetClub has the ideal solution. The HondaJet is a perfect aircraft for quick, short trips in complete comfort, privacy, and safety of a quiet cabin. This is the right time and the right tool to get Europe back to work and start rebuilding the regional economy.

Describe JetClub in 3 words:

Unique, Dynamic, Strategic.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Diligent, Loyal and Extrovert.

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