JetClub All Stars – Fernanda Contreras

Apr 22, 2021

 What is your name and title?

Fernanda Contreras, Concierge, JetClub Europe.

What do you love about aviation?

Though this may sound unusual, I thrive on the challenges of business aviation. We plan trips in minute detail with complete precision, but everything can change in less than one minute. There are lots of factors that are beyond our control and the team and I get deep satisfaction from resolving “mission impossible” issues. In business aviation, unlike commercial airlines with scheduled flights, no operation is the same and the job requires a meticulous attention to detail, industry knowledge, and ability to remain calm under pressure.

I also receive a great deal of satisfaction from being able to create experiences that improve people’s lives. Through COVID-19 – business aviation has been a lifeline to so many businesses, individuals, medics, governments, and communities in general. Whilst the airlines have been grounded, our industry has got stranded people home, helped deliver medical supplies, and kept businesses alive, protecting jobs and the economy.

Working with a jet as technically superior as the HondaJet is also extremely exciting. As concierge, it is part of my role to ensure that the jet is an office and home from home. It should include everything the passenger needs and expects to make their journey as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Finally, aviation is an industry that makes the world smaller. In the JetClub team, I have met professionals from all over the world, each bringing a unique set of skills I can learn from. To sum up – there really is no industry like business aviation for excitement and professional development.

Why did you choose to work for JetClub?

Multiple reasons – its commitment to gender parity and equal opportunities, its vision to make business aviation more accessible and transparent, and its energy.

Unlike lots of larger, more traditional aviation companies, JetClub’s team is small, tight, with assertive communication and highly effective teamwork. It is a place where goals are achieved and things happen, without hierarchical delays.

We are a multi-cultural team that works in unison as the JetClub machine. We are all working towards a common goal – to make business aviation more accessible.

I know that with JetClub, I will be able to achieve my goals.

Describe the company in 3 words

Slick, Safe, Challenger

Describe yourself in 3 words

Intense, Committed, Loyal

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